Iveco Defence Vehicles delivers 500th Guarani and LMV-BR batch to Brazilian Army
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Iveco Defence Vehicles delivers 500th Guarani and LMV-BR batch to Brazilian Army

The official ceremony, held at the company’s plant in Sete Lagoas (MG), has brought together Iveco Defence Vehicles executives and military authorities

Sete Lagoas, 25 November 2021

In 2006, the Brazilian Army started the acquisition process of new units of wheeled armored vehicles for the transport of personnel and Iveco Defence Vehicles succeeded in winning the tender with its Guarani VBTP-MR 6x6.

In 2013, the brand’s first non-European armored vehicle plant, located in Sete Lagoas, was inaugurated and, in 2014, the first 86 Guarani units were delivered. Today, seven years later, Iveco Defence Vehicles is honored to deliver the 500th unit of the Guarani to the Exército Brasileiro.

The official ceremony to celebrate this important occasion took place at the Iveco Defence Vehicles plant in Sete Lagoas. The event was attended by brand executives, civil and military authorities, including the Army Commander, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira. Another milestone celebrated today was the symbolic delivery of the 31 LMV-BR 4X4 units, thus ending the contract for the acquisition of the 1st lot (32 units) of the new "Viatura Blindada Multitarefa, Leve de Rodas" (VBMT-LR 4x4).

The partnership between Iveco Defence Vehicles and the Exército Brasileiro contributes to the growth of the national defense industry and strengthens the strategic development of the Brazilian Ground Forces.

Guarani Project The Guarani Project was conceived by the Brazilian Army's Science, Technology and Innovation System in partnership with Iveco Defence Vehicles. With an estimated duration of 20 years, it includes more than 1,500 vehicles. A few dozen units of the Guarani 6x6 have already been exported to other countries.

LMV-BR Project The LMV-BR project began in 2015 when Iveco Defence Vehicles won the tender for the delivery of 186 units to the Brazilian Army. In 2019, the 1st contract between EB and IDV was signed, and, by December 2021, all 32 units of the LMV-BR will be delivered. While the units have been manufactured in Italy, the integration of weapons, command posts and control systems as well as the assembly of several national components have been carried out at the company’s plant in Sete Lagoas.

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Iveco Defence Vehicle and GGG decided to make a concrete contribution to the current vaccination campaign, providing a MUV MultiVaxVan (a multirole vehicle specially outfitted for vaccine transportation) to the special Commission for the Covid-19 emergency.

The handover ceremony to General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo was held on September 21st at the “Pio IX” Officer’s Club in Rome, in the presence of the Defence Minister, the Hon. Lorenzo Guerini, the Under-secretary for Defence, the Senator Stefania Pucciarelli, the Under-secretary for Defence, the Hon. Giorgio Mulè, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, General Pietro Serino, along with the highest political and military authorities of the Ministry of Defence and the special commission for the Covid-19 emergency.
Equipped with a “Multivax” refrigeration unit and G-Torque chassis made by G.G.G., the MUV, a multirole vehicle developed for military use by Iveco Defence Vehicles is capable of transporting vaccines at three different temperatures all at the same time: -80°C, -20°C and 0°C for a total of around 1 million overall doses at full load. It is also equipped with a tracking system for planning and monitoring its route and for managing and scheduling maintenance interventions.
The MultiVax is a stand-alone self-sufficient module developed by G.G.G. using innovative, patent-protected technology. It represents the cutting edge in vaccine transport and storage methods, a unique technology that can be used both for transferring doses and for setting up vaccination centres. Indeed, the vehicle is capable of disembarking its equipment in just a few minutes thanks to the G-Torque chassis, and the MultiVax module can operate in perfect efficiency even in hostile environments.
As the Minister for Defence, the Hon. Lorenzo Guerini himself commented, “the Italian Armed Forces have made an essential contribution during this health emergency, and shown their capacity and dedication to service in concrete terms without making a fuss about it. Over these months General Figliuolo and the entire commission have done an extraordinary job, and continue to do so. This vehicle, developed and manufactured by two Italian companies, Iveco Defence Vehicles and G.G.G., and made available for public service, will certainly be an effective resource as the vaccine campaign continues. The project for this vehicle is proof of the very close and flexible collaboration there is between Defence and Industry. A tangible example of the marked capacity to innovate of our Aerospace, Defence and Security industry, fruit of industrial and entrepreneurial competence, excellence in technological research and development, with significant repercussions in terms of developing a highly skilled workforce. A synergy necessary now more than ever to guarantee Italy is rightful place in the circle of technologically advanced nations”.
As General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo went on to point out “this vaccine transporter vehicle that Iveco Defence Vehicles and G.G.G. have this day handed over to the Commission, is a shining example of public-private sector synergy at the service of the vaccination campaign. Through this great joint-effort, we have managed to vaccinate 82% of the over-12 population thanks to a capillary distribution structure that can now count on technology at the base of this vehicle, produced by two fine examples of excellence in the Italian Defence industry”.
“For us, the delivery of the MUV MultiVaxVan to the special Commission for the Covid-19 Emergency is a great reason for pride” added Claudio Catalano, CEO of Iveco Defence Vehicle. “It’s a highly robust, high-mobility multi-role vehicle, characteristics that allow it to reach absolutely anywhere within the national territory, even in the most hard to reach mountain villages. This vehicle is a demonstration of our support for the special Commission for the Covid-19 Emergency, a concrete contribution to the progress of the vaccination campaign”.
Giovanni Grasso, who represents the third generation of the G.G.G. family business, had this to add: “Taking up this challenge with Iveco Defence Vehicle to develop a vehicle capable of transporting vaccines in this emergency, but capable of easy conversion to other mission profiles was an arduous task, even with the advanced technology the vehicle employs. It is our pleasure and honour to offer our contribution to solving the Covid-19 emergency by making this significant result available to the special Commission, achieved thanks to the extraordinary synergy between the teams of both companies”.

Iveco Defence Vehicles supplies the first unit of LMV-BR to the Brazilian Army
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Iveco Defence Vehicles supplies the first unit of LMV-BR to the Brazilian Army

Official deliver to the Brazilian Army of the first unit of LMV-BR in the framework the VBMT-LR 4x4 program (Viatura Blindada Multitarefa, Leve de Rodas)

In accordance with the contract signed in 2019, yesterday the first of 32 LMV-BR has been delivered to the Brazilian Army during a ceremony held at Iveco Defence Vehicles’ plant in Sete Lagoas (MG). The event was attended by representatives of the company and of the Brazilian Army. The remaining 31 units of this lot will be delivered by 2022 as part of the Army modernization process.
In addition to LMV’s well known standard features, all these vehicles are fitted with customized weapon and Command and Control systems, as required by the customer. The LMV-BR was chosen in 2015 by the Brazilian Army as the new Viatura Blindada Multitarefa, Leve de Rodas (VBMT-LR). The final assembly of the vehicles is carried out at the Sete Lagoas plant, where several National components are integrated. The project foresees the acquisition of 186 units, Iveco Defence Vehicles expects to start production of the next batches in 2022.
Iveco Defence Vehicles is already supplying the Brazilian Army with the Guarani VBTP 6x6 amphibious armored family of vehicles. More than 480 units have now been delivered since 2012, after the signature in 2009 of the production contract. Several units of VBTP 6x6 have already been exported to other customers.
The effective partnership between Iveco Defence Vehicles and the Brazilian Army is now consolidated with this second line of product while Sete Lagoas plant is demonstrating its paramount importance in strengthening the National Defence industrial base in the land systems domain, with a fully qualified workforce and top-level technical capabilities together with a network of local suppliers and partners.

Iveco Defence Vehicles celebrates the opening of the new Romanian plant
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Iveco Defence Vehicles celebrates the opening of the new Romanian plant

After the groundbreaking ceremony held in August 2020 in Petresti (DB), Romania, the new production plant has rapidly been built and the production ramp-up has already started in February thanks to a solid industrial partnership. The inauguration took place on April 9th.

In December 2019, Iveco Defence Vehicles signed an order with the Romanian Ministry of National Defence as part of a framework agreement, which includes the delivery of more than 2,900 high mobility trucks. Some months later, in August 2020, the groundbreaking ceremony was held in the Romanian automotive district Petresti (Dambovita), Romania.
The pandemic has been a challenge to the entire supply chain in Europe but the company’s commitment to the Romanian Ministry of National Defence is solid: construction works have been rapidly completed and the new assembly line dedicated to the National Armed Forces is now ready to be operative.
President of the Senate Anca Dana Dragu, President of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban, Minister of Energy Virgil-Daniel Popescu, General Secretary of the Ministry of National Defence Georgeta Gavrila and His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy Marco Giungi were present at the opening ceremony.
Claudio Catalano, Iveco Defence Vehicles’ CEO, who was attending the ceremony as well, stated: “Our collaboration with Romania, which dates back to 2015, is today fully strengthened: this inauguration reveals how our strong commitment continues, including important local investments and collaborations”.
According to the contract, series production of the vehicles is expected to begin in short with an estimated productive capacity of up to 440 units per year, counting also on the production support of Iveco Defence Vehicles’ Italian plants.

Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, Lt. Gen. Salvatore Farina visited Bolzano for the presentation of the first production unit of Centauro 2
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Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, Lt. Gen. Salvatore Farina visited Bolzano for the presentation of the first production unit of Centauro 2

On February 16th, the Italian Army Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Salvatore Farina, was welcomed by Claudio Catalano, CEO of IVECO Defence Vehicles, at the Bolzano plant where the new Centauro 2 are currently in production. These vehicles are going to be part of the cavalry units of the Italian Army.

The Director of Land Armaments, Lt. Gen. Paolo Giovannini, was also present. During the visit, the work in progress on the vehicles was discussed and the first production vehicle was presented.
The Centauro 2 marks a major step forward compared to the previous Centauro 1, in terms of firepower, battlefield observation capability, mobility, shooting conduct, communication as well as increased crew protection. Equipped with a modern powerpack of over 700HP and the H-transmission, typical of the 8x8 armoured vehicles, the new platform uses an all-digital architecture and a new generation turret with a 120mm cannon and Command and Control Communication systems, making it one of the most modern vehicles supplied to Western Armies. The result is an innovative wheeled armoured platform capable of operating in every scenario: from national security missions, to peacekeeping and support operations including all interventions involving the Italian Armed Forces.
Last December the Land Armaments Directorate and the Iveco - Oto Melara Consortium (CIO), signed a contract for 86 Centauro 2, plus 10 further units in option, in addition to the 10 already contracted in 2018.
The supply addresses a total need of 150 vehicles to be assigned to the army cavalry units. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technologies, this platform can safely be used by the cavalry units also in high-risk operations.
Moreover, on this very occasion, also the 8x8 VBM Freccia Digital Tactical Command Post was presented. This vehicle is made of two versions, one for the unit Commander and the other one for the unit mobile HQ. These platforms are equipped with the latest communication equipment that seamlessly integrates into the Army and Joint tactical battle command network.
The Italian Army once again confirms its role as important pillar in the world of technology and innovation, further pursuing its long-term capability development and modernization project, keeping the national production system engaged.

Iveco Defence Vehicles supplies 3rd generation of protected military GTF-8x8 (ZLK 15t) trucks to the Bundeswehr
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Iveco Defence Vehicles supplies 3rd generation of protected military GTF-8x8 (ZLK 15t) trucks to the Bundeswehr

On January 2021 the German Bundeswehr – represented by BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) – has awarded Iveco Defence Vehicles a frame contract for the supply of up to 1.048 military Trakker trucks to be delivered in 2021 - 2028.

The project will start with an initial fixed batch of 224 units of 8x8 vehicles from the Iveco Defence militarized Trakker range, which will be supplied in five different configurations prepared for 20” - ISO-container-transport, some with hydraulic cranes and winch systems, and represents another new milestone and consequent next step in the GTF-family of the German Army.
All vehicles fulfill the most modern EURO-6-emission-level (still ready for single-fuel-operation) and will be supplied with a protected cab which currently offers among the best-in-class levels of ballistic, mine, NBC- and IED protection. These cabs also provide the users with a high level of crew comfort and are designed to accommodate a variety of modern military communication and command systems.
Over the last years, Iveco Defence Vehicles has delivered around 2.000 vehicles from its wide product range to the German Army, including protected customized versions (e.g. GTF 8x8 batch 1 and 2, TEP-90, STW-8x8, Tipper-8x8, Sideloader-8x8, ISO-container-transport-8x8 and Tractor-6x6), which have already been extensively fielded in operational theatres.
Iveco Defence Vehicles is proud to continue its solid partnership with the German Army for the years to come.