Superav 8x8 Amphibious Armoured Vehicle

The Iveco 8x8 Superav represents an outstanding advance in the design of armoured amphibious vehicles. Iveco unveiled the amphibious 8x8 Superav APC in 2009. Capable of supporting littoral operations in open ocean beyond sea state 3, the vehicle can carry a 10t mission load, including an overhead weapon station mounting up to a 40mm cannon. The Superav platform is equipped with a new 6 cylinder 700hp power pack, is air-portable by C-17 and is propelled in water by two propellers. The vehicle has an under-armor volume of more than 14 m3 and can carry a crew of 3 plus up to 13 of troops in a protected compartment with suspended interior seat structure, blast-mitigating positions for a crew of 3 and improved survivability and force protection over currently fielded systems.

Superav for ACV 1.1 project

In September 2011, Iveco Defence Vehicles has signed an agreement with BAE Systems to offer a proposal based on the Superav to the USMC for its Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) 1.1 programme. In June 2018 Iveco has been awarded the contract to deliver its amphibious platform to the US Marine Corps in partnership with BAE Systems.

Technical features


Amphibious armoured vehicle

Technical features

Technical features
Length 28.9 ft 8,8 m
Height (hull) 9.1 ft 2,8 m
Overall width 10.2 ft 3,1 m
Approach angle 49°
Departure angle 43,5°
Personnel capacity up to 3 + 13

Empty weight 57,320 lbs 26.000 kg
Payload 8,818 lbs 4.000 kg
Internal volume 1>14,0 m3

Max. speed (paved road) (in navigation) >65.0 mph
6.0 kn
>105,0 km/h
10,0 km/h
Gradient >60.0% >60.0%
Side slope >30.0% >30,0%
Range on road (43,5 mph / 70 km/h) >435 mi >700,0 km
Step >2.0 ft >0,65 m
Trench >6.6 ft >2,0 m
Fording depth 5.0 ft 1,5 m
Turning circle radius 33.5 ft 10,2 m

Sea state > 3
Hydraulic-powered independent propellers
Trim Vane
Ship to shore Capable
Bilge Pumps
Engine IVECO Cursor 16 Turbocharged Inter cooler
Fuel Multifuel
Power 700 HP
(515 kW)
Torque 2,213 lb-ft 3.000 Nm
Gearbox ALLISON 4800 SP
Number of gears 7 + 2 r

Single-differential twin-shaft design
Indipendent Hydro-pneumatic McPherson Style Struts
Steering on 1st and 2nd axles (opt. 4th)
Transversal differential lock
Disengageable front axle

16.00 R20 XZL
Run-flat VFI system
Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS)

Built-in Diagnostic System
>900 A User Available Power

High hardness monocoque steel hull
Direct fire ballistic armour
A/T mines protection
Anti-mine seats
Automatic Fire Suppression System